The main principle of work for us is the creation of a constructive and aesthetic design.
A full range of services, from the development of a design project to its implementation
We offer art to improve a healthy and aesthetic environment
Interior design is a project that defines how the space will function, how it will look and how it will appeal to your
senses. The way we live has a huge impact on our lives.The interior has to match your needs, culture and lifestyle
and those who inhabit it.
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Design project
Scheme of work
Dialogue with the designer
Answers to questions, discussion of all the wishes of the future interior, the timing of implementation and the scope of the project
On the day of the signing of the contract. Departure to the object at a convenient time for you, photographing all the features of the premises and communications.
Budget discussion
With the signing of the contract, filling out a detailed questionnaire with questions, which in turn will help in creating a well-thought-out interior, which reflects all the wishes of the customer, style, number of rooms, functional purpose of the rooms.
Planning decision.
After reviewing the questionnaire, the creation of a layout (location of walls, communications, rooms and furniture and equipment).
3D images
After selecting all the components of the project, we proceed to 3D visualization of all rooms of the room (it gives a complete picture of what your future interior will be like).
Development of drawings.
Project package
Creation, execution and assembly of all drawings necessary for the construction (dismantling and installation plan, furniture, floor and ceiling plan, electrical plan, lights and switches, furniture sweep, wall finishing plan, etc.)
Delivery of the project.
Signing of the certificate of completion

Upon completion of the project, the signing of the certificate of completion, at the request of the customer, the transfer of the design project album.
Angelica Ortman
interior designer
It is not necessary to adhere to an absolutely unified style in the interior, on the contrary, a combination of different directions provides unlimited opportunities for creating a dream interior.
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